Thursday, 29 November 2018

I Am..

Hi bloggers so on Monday there were people from other schools who were performing poems at our school and it was amazing because when it was this girls turn she was so sassy and so confident. i was challenging because we had to make up our own poem and present it in front of our class. know here is my poem called i am.

I am a legend queen.

I see My teacher with a smile on his face everyday.

I try to be a a good sister.

I hear my brother singing in the shower.

I understand the struggle.

I wonder what i will be in the future.

I hope i have a good future.


  1. Great poem! Well done persisting through your challenges! What is your biggest struggle?

  2. hi sofaia its me sydney and I did the same thing and im in your class I did an I am one to maybe you could check out my blog and see mine .I really liked it bye