Tuesday, 4 December 2018


HI bloggers so today i will be telling you guys about the movie Moana. well when i watched the movie Moana was only young and the he went to the ocean and she saw a seashell and she went up to it but she saw a turtle who needed help and she went to help it and when she helped the turtle it swam back to his mum. and when she got  older she went on an adventure and had to find Maui the demigod of wind and sea. when she found him they went to Te Ka the lava demon but when Te Ka saw the heart she went to Moana and Moana climbed up Te Ka to put the heart on her heart and she turned into a island with plants all over her. it was beautiful.
My Favorite moment was when Moana was a baby ans she went to the ocean.
The main characters  are Maui (Dwayne Johnson)  Moana(Auli'i cravalho) Grandma(Rachel House) sina(Nicole scherzinger) chief Tui(Temuera Morrison)
they go to defeat Te Ka
Moana was fighting for her village

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Blade Runner 2049

Hi guys today i am going to be thinking about the future like what is going to happened what people are going to eat or work. well i think that people are going to eat the same food but i think that some other food might come to new Zealand and i think they might be working on road to make more roads or probably they might be working to build more houses. And hope you guys have a good future. 
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